My Memories Growing Up

In most of the posts that I have posted on this platform, I have been focus on memories of other people and how they affect one as they get older. So, today, I am going to give you some secrets about my memories growing up.

School Work

To be honest with you, I was not the kind of children who would long to going to school. I remember my parents beating me when I refused to go to school at some point. I am grateful to them for doing that even though we spent days without taking to each other after the ordeal. Nonetheless, I later understand why I had to go through that and the impact it had on my success today.


Neighborhood Friendships

Growing up in the farms was not easy for me at all. I had very few friends because most parents thought that living in the farm was not cool. My father loved us staying in this location and we loved it too. However, I had like ten close friends and we treasured each other mainly not because we clicked but because we had no option but to live together in peace.

Finally, when I went to college I become an extrovert probably because I got a chance to interact with more people and I got a better understanding of the world. This are the memories that I have growing up in the farms, what are yours.

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