My Memories Growing Up

In most of the posts that I have posted on this platform, I have been focus on memories of other people and how they affect one as they get older. So, today, I am going to give you some secrets about my memories growing up.

School Work

To be honest with you, I was not the kind of children who would long to going to school. I remember my parents beating me when I refused to go to school at some point. I am grateful to them for doing that even though we spent days without taking to each other after the ordeal. Nonetheless, I later understand why I had to go through that and the impact it had on my success today.


Neighborhood Friendships

Growing up in the farms was not easy for me at all. I had very few friends because most parents thought that living in the farm was not cool. My father loved us staying in this location and we loved it too. However, I had like ten close friends and we treasured each other mainly not because we clicked but because we had no option but to live together in peace.

Finally, when I went to college I become an extrovert probably because I got a chance to interact with more people and I got a better understanding of the world. This are the memories that I have growing up in the farms, what are yours.

Effects of Childhood Memories

It is said that the way a man is brought up determines the level of success that he or she gets and what he will become. To some extent, this is not true because some of the children who were born in war torn countries usually rise to become leaders who advocate for peace and unity. However, we still cannot ignore the effects that childhood memories can have on someones life.

So, here are the main effects of such memories.



More often than not children who are brought up in violent families or a surrounding that is hostile tend to develop similar traits. It is the duty of the society and the people at large to come up with ways of training such children how to become better persons in the society. Otherwise, we could end up with a hostile group of people who will be up and down killing and stealing.

Level of Obedience

The level of obedience is basically the number of times that one would have to call a kid before he or she responds and does what he or she is directed to do. In some parts of the world, it is normal to see children obey their parents but in other parts, that is like a luxury. So we need to cultivate good morals if we are to succeed in helping our parent grow well.

That is all for today, what childhood memories do you have.

Benefits of Storing Files in a Cloud

Gone are the days when one would have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a disk drive with enough storage space. We now have new technology and platforms that allows almost anyone from any part of the world to store files that they want in the fly. Here are the benefits of storing files in a cloud.

Fast Access

The access to files is one of the most important things that one should keep in mind when looking for a place to store files. The cloud technology allows one to store files and access them at any time of the day. The only con is that one needs to have access to the internet. In addition, slow internet can hamper the speed at which one successfully retrieves the files.


Very Very Secure

This is another paramount factor that you need to put in mind if you want to be safe. There are thousands of cyber criminals whose main objective is to steal money from unsuspecting people. The cloud are generally safer as compared to storing the same information in a computer. However, it is still important that you check the security detail of the cloud storage company that you decide to use.

Finally, cloud gives unlimited storage space. I am yet to come across someone who had to have to cloud systems due to the huge amount of files.