Memories and Technology

Memories and Technology? What the hell is this writer going to discuss in this article? Has he gone bassack? I know these are some of the questions some of you have when they see the headline. But, give me a moment to explain my self. It was not until yesterday that I took a few moments to appreciate the impact that technology has on the way that we do things.

So, here is the link between technology and memories.

More Places to Store Pictures and Videos

In the recent past, we had very few places to store videos and pictures. This is mainly because of the lack of enough resources to meet everyone in the planet needs as well as lack of enough sensitization. However, with the new technology, you not only get enough space, but also free content and tips that you can use to improve on your data storage mechanisms.


More Quality Content

Memories are not memories if the pictures and videos that are used to present them are of low quality, It is very difficult to know what was happening in a black and white photo. The new technology has made it possible to capture high resolution and colored images in the fly.

Finally, technology has made it easy to share the content. If you have memories of your recent trip, you can easily share with friends and family members without paying a dime.


Benefits of Storing Files in a Cloud

Gone are the days when one would have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a disk drive with enough storage space. We now have new technology and platforms that allows almost anyone from any part of the world to store files that they want in the fly. Here are the benefits of storing files in a cloud.

Fast Access

The access to files is one of the most important things that one should keep in mind when looking for a place to store files. The cloud technology allows one to store files and access them at any time of the day. The only con is that one needs to have access to the internet. In addition, slow internet can hamper the speed at which one successfully retrieves the files.


Very Very Secure

This is another paramount factor that you need to put in mind if you want to be safe. There are thousands of cyber criminals whose main objective is to steal money from unsuspecting people. The cloud are generally safer as compared to storing the same information in a computer. However, it is still important that you check the security detail of the cloud storage company that you decide to use.

Finally, cloud gives unlimited storage space. I am yet to come across someone who had to have to cloud systems due to the huge amount of files.

What Breathes Life to Our Company


Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time to visit us. Memories forever is an international organizations whose goals is to not make profit, but to improve the lives of other people by providing hacks to life. I have been running the company for years now, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to create this website.

What motives the company? This is definitely one of the questions that I expect in the coming months. Here are the answers.


If goes without saying that if you want to succeed in any type of business, you need to have a passion about it. There are a number of companies that just failed to make it because their staff do not have the passion required to make it. I have a passion to help people and I enjoy doing it for free even though some of you send me money as a sign of appreciation, and who I am to send it back to you!



The motivation that motivates me to write is actually motivation. I know that will confuse some of you but the smart people will understand. I motivate myself, I do not rely on someone to get my ass of bed and write something.

Finally, the company success rate motivates me to continue working harder and harder every day. Now you know